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24 Jan

SC Stays Construction Ban Near Naini Lakes

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The Supreme Court has stayed Uttarakhand high court’s order banning any construction within a radius of 2 km from major lakes in Nainital, including Naini lake. The apex court’s order on Monday drew mixed reactions from various quarters. While environmentalists said that the stay would allow illegal construction near lakes to continue, residents said that

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17 May

Barefoot Walk To Save Nainital

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BAREFOOT WALK TO SAVE NAINITAL 3RD JUNE 6:00 PM,  From Gandhi Ji Statue, Tallital to Pt. GB Pant Statue, Mallital Silent walk. No slogans. Only placards.    There was a time, before the Raj discovered Naini Tal, the town and lake was considered holy and so revered that people would take off their shoes before

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30 Apr

Uttarakhand Forest Fire – 2016

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Uttarakhand forest fires 2016 have killed five people and blighted 1890.79 hectares of forest land in Kumaon and Garhwal regions prompting Governor K K Paul to seek deployment of three NDRF companies to douse the flame and conduct rescue operations. Since early February, 922 cases of forest fire incidents in the state have occurred killing

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29 Jan

Nainital’s top store owners

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Rag picker starts on books, is today one of Nainital’s top store owners. As a young boy, Rashid Ahmed would look out for scraps to sell as he began his day, scouring the garbage bins of Nainital for anything that might bring him a rupee at the end of the day. One day he found

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14 Jan

British Era Cemeteries in Nainital

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British Era cemeteries in Nainital A 7,000km journey in search of an ancestor’s final resting place ended in a derelict Nainital cemetery overrun by undergrowth for Susie Gilbert of Britain. But her visit to a cemetery in Uttarakhand’s lake town opened a window of hope for British-era burial sites. Gilbert shared pictures and her experience

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12 Oct

Zuckerberg-Neem Karoli Baba-Kainchi Dham

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  Soon after Face book founder Mark Zuckerberg’s revelation in an interaction with PM Modi in the US that he had visited an Indian temple on the advice of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the temple in question, Kainchi Dham in Nainital district, has seen renewed interest among devotees who are visiting the place to seek the

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15 Mar

Dance With Fireflies

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My Anglo-Indian grandmother (Phyllis Dover) lived in Benares (Varanasi) Like so many other Anglo-Indian families, they escaped the heat of the plains from April to October each year and headed up to Nainital. It is here on the Mall that my Grandmother and her sister, Muriel, ran a lively restaurant above Trevillion and Clark, called Barnes’.

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20 Aug

Android App For Women Safety In Nainital – ‘SOS Pukar’

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Android App For Women Safety In Nainital – ‘SOS Pukar’ Nainital Police has constituted Project Shouryaa to make Nainital a safer city for women, both tourists and residents. Under this project, an android phone application – PUKAR was launched on Aug 15 by Mrs. Indira Hridayesh, Minister of Finance (Uttarakhand) and Mrs. Vimmi Sachdeva, SSP

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15 Jul

Harela – Great Significance in Uttarakhand.

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ऋतुओं के स्वागत का त्यौहार- हरेला. Harela Great Significance Uttarakhand  – Harela : The Farm Festival of Uttarakhand. उत्तराखण्ड की संस्कृति की समृद्धता के विस्तार का कोई अन्त नहीं है, हमारे पुरखों ने सालों पहले जो तीज-त्यौहार और सामान्य जीवन के जो नियम बनाये, उनमें उन्होंने व्यवहारिकता और विज्ञान का भरपूर उपयोग किया था। इसी

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