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12 Oct

Zuckerberg-Neem Karoli Baba-Kainchi Dham

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  Soon after Face book founder Mark Zuckerberg’s revelation in an interaction with PM Modi in the US that he had visited an Indian temple on the advice of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the temple in question, Kainchi Dham in Nainital district, has seen renewed interest among devotees who are visiting the place to seek the

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02 Aug

Nainital Eco-Sensitive Zone

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The recent catastrophe which struck Naini Tal was less due to nature,but more  owing to unplanned development with the tacit support of the individuals with vested interest. In the prevailing situation it is necessary that Naini Tal should be declared an Eco-Sensitive Zone like Mount Abu, Matheran, Mahbaleshwar and Panchgani The Ministry of Environment and

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15 Mar

Dance With Fireflies

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My Anglo-Indian grandmother (Phyllis Dover) lived in Benares (Varanasi) Like so many other Anglo-Indian families, they escaped the heat of the plains from April to October each year and headed up to Nainital. It is here on the Mall that my Grandmother and her sister, Muriel, ran a lively restaurant above Trevillion and Clark, called Barnes’.

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31 Jan

Secret Nainital

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Secret Nainital -The Jewel of Jewels in the Crown Here is a piece of the secret history of Nainital that is known only to a few Nainital insiders and is probably not published elsewhere (except some of it in my novel – Nude besides the Lake). During the British Colonial period, as the British Empire

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20 Aug

Android App For Women Safety In Nainital – ‘SOS Pukar’

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Android App For Women Safety In Nainital – ‘SOS Pukar’ Nainital Police has constituted Project Shouryaa to make Nainital a safer city for women, both tourists and residents. Under this project, an android phone application – PUKAR was launched on Aug 15 by Mrs. Indira Hridayesh, Minister of Finance (Uttarakhand) and Mrs. Vimmi Sachdeva, SSP

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15 Jul

PIL Alleging Rampant Encroachment In Nainital

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 PIL Alleging Rampant Encroachment In Nainital.   The Uttarakhand high court has banned the use of polythene bags in Nainital district and ordered that Rs 500 fine be imposed on anyone found using it from July 15. It also ordered the DM to file an affidavit on the details of construction within 30 metres of

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15 Jul

Harela – Great Significance in Uttarakhand.

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ऋतुओं के स्वागत का त्यौहार- हरेला. Harela Great Significance Uttarakhand  – Harela : The Farm Festival of Uttarakhand. उत्तराखण्ड की संस्कृति की समृद्धता के विस्तार का कोई अन्त नहीं है, हमारे पुरखों ने सालों पहले जो तीज-त्यौहार और सामान्य जीवन के जो नियम बनाये, उनमें उन्होंने व्यवहारिकता और विज्ञान का भरपूर उपयोग किया था। इसी

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11 Jun

Environmental Degradation

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Environmental Degradation : In recent years, academics, geologists, concerned citizens and the judiciary have become alarmed at the rate of new construction in Nainital and its effect on the Naini Lake. As a result, efforts have been undertaken to check the deterioration of the lake and its surrounding ecosystem. De-silting of the lake and afforestation

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07 Jun

Lake Restoration

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The National Institute of Hydrology (NIH) of Roorkee who prepared a plan for the restoration of the lake, at an estimated cost of Rs 50 crore (about US $ 10 million), sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, are also now guiding the restoration measures. The Conservation and Management Plan evolved

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